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Every child during their childhood has experience of this parental favorite saying: 'If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?' I am sure many of you heard it at some point in your teenage years… Definitely, the conventional and furious answer is, “Obviously, off course not! Why would I?” as you leave the house banging door behind to go out with your buddies. I have personally dealt with this in my younger years and could give you some insights on how it made me feel and ho

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How you can make first-rated websites? Be cognizant of these web elements: We all know that making a website has never been so easy- it requires lot of efforts. To overcome this tricky job, apply your best capabilities while transforming your digital image into – an excellent website. Ensure yourself that you are going to make unbeatable, visible, eye pleasing, and systematic. For such results, we provide you some essentials that can do your needful to accomplish your objectives: Rest of above

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I've learned a lot these past few years Through my fake smiles and unseen tears That friends sometimes aren't forever that true love doesn't always last And happy memories stay with you but those happy moments go by fast Words can cut deeper than any sword Leaving you with something That no man could replace or ever afford Sometimes things happen, Sometimes your heart will break Though to feel real happiness this is what's at stake In order to have the comfort of heave

Hazards of Manual Welding:

Manual welding may be difficult task. It may include precision work, being the welders in a specific or awkward posture, often in constraint surroundings. This imposes high muscles loads. Welders also require managing heavy materials and equipments. All these matters can raise the risk of workers developing musculoskeletal disorders, such as back pains.According to survey, 51% of welders experiences at least one period of sickness over a two year period, taking time off work because of disorders

Selecting a welding kit

According to the Provision and Use of Work Regulations 1998, it is criteria for the welders to keep the following things in mind while choosing the equipment about the risks involved while using that equipment that can harm surroundings, health of the people around the workplace. So, while selecting a welding kit, know the effect the poor handling equipment can have: Here are some appropriate feature designs to view for when choosing between welding sets with the same power output: Other consi

Welding Techniques: Arc Welding and Spot Welding

Now-a-days, welding has become a core necessity of many people’s life. As many welding machines are now available in the market, we will discuss about the welding techniques which are gaining popularity in the present competitive market conditions. Normally arc welding is done by making use of a diesel welder. In this welding technique, process requires high electric voltage rather than a gas torch. The arc, or the spark, created from the electrode rod, is transformed from one metal to the othe

Correlation between Inert Gas Welding and Spot Welding:

Distinct from inert gas welding, spot welders do not desire a shielding gas to throw out weld filth or filler metal to build up the weld. A spot weld is a resistant weld that settles within the two pieces of metal. The finished weld is flush or slightly recessed to the exterior of the base metals and has a silvery or coppery appearance. The color of the spot weld will vary by the alloy of the metal being welded and the type of electrodes used to create the spot weld. An inert gas weld is built u

Tips for Overhead TIG Welding:

Following are the major instructions to be taken care of by the welders about the overhead TIG welding technique:-  Broaden the electrode far as possible to obtain the correct torch angle  Control the electrode sharp, and if suppose gets cracked up, sharpen or replace it with a new sharp one  A flex head welding torch guides you to get the torch body far sufficient away from the hot metal  Retain a tight arc… keeping same as electrode diameter used or more tighter  To weld a thicker met

Advantages of Auto Darkening Helmets

Some welders’ sticks to standard welding helmets, now, auto darkening helmets are gaining popularity in the market. Auto darkening helmets decreases the penetration of light whenever it is energized so  that the lens appears dark in the center but light towards the outer areas. It also gives lighter, clearer,views in angles that are not perpendicular to the surface of the filter. The helmets that have auto dark lens makes work more comfortable and easy. They normally come with a filter that prot

Generation of the Plasma Arc (2ways)

Now, it is a known fact that the plasma cutter generates a plasma in one of two ways: – High Frequency (HF) Contact or Pilot Arcs. Which one your plasma cutter uses depends upon how old your plasma cutter is; the new high tech plasma cutters use pilot arcs. The major difference between the two is that high frequency contact models have to close a circuit with a work piece that produces electrical energy to cut whereas pilot arc possesses the tendency to cut anything. Their work procedures are co

Key Guidance of Spot Welding Technique:

This is a basic guide on how to weld metal using spot welding technique.  Slide the sheet metal gauge onto one edge of the sheet metal to determine the thickness of the metal.  Set the hold, weld, squeeze and off-time of the spot welder by locating the thickness of the sheet metal on the welding chart affixed to the spot welder.  Clean the tips of both the top and bottom electrode by sliding the file over each tip. To weld correctly, the tip of each electrode must have no carbon deposits.

Electro Plasma Welding Machines: Advice to the wise about MIG and TIG machines

Inverter technology is a voltage conversion system which applied to welding makes compact power sources with low energy consumption. Inverter based constant direct current power sources use the latest knowledge of Electronics technology applied to welding. While selecting one, it is wise to purchase a well-known one having superior quality. Deciding which one is suitable for your company depends on the precision of weld required, time allocated for setup, utilization and initial cost. There are

What is Plasma?

Plasma cutting grew out of plasma welding in the 1960s, and emerged as a very productive way to cut sheet metal and plate in the 1980s. If you super heat gas at a very high temperature, plasma is obtained. The energy begins to divide the gas molecules and atoms get split. Generally, atoms are comprised of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of electrons. In plasma, electrons get separated from the nucleus.  Once the electrons from the atom releases by the power of heat, th
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